Agitators for the Manufacturing of Sweets and Confectionary

Visco Jet® Agitators are meticulously engineered to cater to the intricate world of sweets and confectionery manufacturing. These specialized agitators play a vital role in ensuring the consistent quality, taste, and texture of a wide range of delectable treats, including:

Biscuit Mixtures: Precise mixing is crucial in biscuit production to achieve the ideal dough consistency. Visco Jet® Agitators ensure thorough blending, resulting in uniform biscuit mixtures that bake to perfection.

Chocolate and Cocoa Mixtures: Creating smooth and creamy chocolate and cocoa mixtures requires meticulous blending. Our agitators guarantee the even dispersion of ingredients, enhancing the taste and texture of chocolate products.

Sweets and Confectionary Manufacturing

Caramel and Honey Masses: In caramel and honey production, uniform mixing is essential for achieving the desired viscosity and flavor. Visco Jet® Agitators facilitate the even distribution of caramel and honey ingredients.

Butter Mixtures: Achieving the perfect texture and consistency in butter mixtures is essential for various confectionery applications. Our agitators ensure that butter and other ingredients are uniformly blended.

Ice Cream: Consistency is key in ice cream production. Visco Jet® Agitators handle the mixing process with precision, resulting in creamy and uniform ice cream textures.

Protein and Egg Yolk Mixtures: In confectionery recipes that require protein or egg yolk mixtures, precise blending is essential for both structure and flavor. Our agitators ensure thorough mixing, enhancing the quality of confectionery products.

Chewing Gum Mixtures: Proper mixing is vital in chewing gum production to achieve the desired texture and flavor. Visco Jet® Agitators facilitate uniform blending, resulting in consistent chewing gum products.

Gelatin: Creating gelatin-based confectionery requires accurate mixing to achieve the right consistency. Our agitators handle gelatin mixing with precision, ensuring that the final products have the desired texture.

Baking Mixtures: Whether it’s cake batter or pastry dough, precise mixing is crucial for confectionery baked goods. Visco Jet® Agitators ensure thorough blending, resulting in consistently delicious treats.

Fruit Mixtures: In recipes that call for fruit mixtures, uniform distribution of fruit pieces is essential. Our agitators guarantee even mixing, enhancing the appearance and taste of confectionery products.

Syrup Mixtures: Achieving the right syrup consistency is essential for various confectionery applications. Visco Jet® Agitators ensure that syrup ingredients are uniformly blended.

Melted Mixtures: In confectionery processes that involve melted ingredients, precise mixing is necessary for consistent results. Our agitators handle this process with accuracy, ensuring uniform melted mixtures.

Juice Mixtures: In recipes that incorporate fruit juices, even distribution is vital for flavor consistency. Visco Jet® Agitators facilitate uniform blending, enhancing the taste of confectionery products.

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VISCO JET® VJ100: Agitation Demo Video

This is the Mixing of Homemade super thick / viscous chocolate spread. 

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