Frequently Asked Question

There are a few possibilities:

  • The chemical mixture is too thick or viscous for your current agitator.
  • The agitator motor is underpowered, hence unable to perform the mixing test.
  • The conventional impeller blades are jammed due to solids settling in the bottle. 

Be sure to contact us before you do any of the following:

  • Buy a larger motor from your local agitator supplier.
  • Spin your current agitator at a higher speed. This may lead to:
    1. The gearbox becoming damaged.
    2. Impeller spinning at high speed may cause it to warp and bend.
    3. Increased forces on the tank can destabilise and compromise the structure.
  • Add more levels of impellers onto your current industrial agitator. This can induce:
    1. More strain to your already overstained motor.
    2. The motor is most likely to stop again.
  • Change the mixture composition to compensate for the non-performing agitator.
    1. This will lead to more problems and more time wasted; hence it is advisable to not do this.

Spend some time consulting with our team of experts, and you can save a lot of time in your production.

Before answering this, clarify your mixing and agitation problems. Do you have the following issues:

  • Thick and viscous mixtures
  • The high volume of solids
  • Sticky and slimy mixtures
  • Ultra-sensitive mixtures that cannot have shear
  • Sediments cannot be mixed back into the mixture as it was stored for too long. 

Whatever difficult mixing tasks you have on hand, send us an email via [email protected] and we’ll be glad to share our insights and assist you in solving the mixing issues.

Visco Jet can mix better with almost every mixture and product.

  1. Consumer Products
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Shower foam
    • Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap
    • Toothpaste
    • Hair gel or hair clay
    • Cosmetic products
    • Moisturiser and creams
    • Medication and ointment
  2. Food Products
    • Milk and Yogurt
    • Instant mix
    • Chocolate with and without nuts
    • Fruit jam and chocolate spread
    • Tomato Sauce
    • Asian Chilli Sauce and local speciality sauces (Oyster Sauce)
  3. Chemicals
    • Concentrated Sulphuric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, etc.
    • Adhesives and glues
  4. Paint and Coatings
    • Paints and Pigments
    • Epoxy Coatings
    • Solvent-Based Coatings
  5. PetroChemicals
    • Lubricants
    • Engine Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Grease
    • Base Oil
    • Additive Packages
  6. Construction and Offshore
    • Slurry
    • Water treatment chemicals
    • Drilling fluid
  7. Future Tech
    • Lithium Slurry
    • Plant-based protein
  8. Research and Development
    • Marine clay and sediment
    • Growing of crystals

Not to worry! Refer to our comprehensive viscosity reference table and chart. There are also videos for you to gauge your viscosity accurately.Whatever concern you have in mind, send us an email via [email protected] to get it clarified. We’ll be more than happy to assist with your agitation tasks.

In most cases (comparing with conventional blade, propeller, disc impellers), by using Visco Jet Agitators, you are likely to save on electricity and potentially other cost. Because of Visco Jet’s special agitation technology, effective mixing can be reached at a lower RPM.

Following are some of reasons:

  • Visco Jet agitator will only need to operate at a lower RPM than conventional agitators to effectively agitate the mixture. Lower RPM will equate to energy savings.
  • If your mixture contains volatile solvents, the lower RPM will also mean less solvent loss.

Visco Jet’s agitation technology is not well documented in scientific literature, so it’s a very common question. It’s our role to share more information, success cases to help you with your mixing task. 

If conventional agitators have failed you, likely Visco Jet will be your mixing solution. If Visco Jet is not suitable for your application, we’ll definitely highlight to you from the start.

Please visit Visco Jet Asia’s YouTube Channel ( for demonstration mixing.

Contact Us to speak with our staff so we can share more successful cases with you. 

Visco Jet has a range of agitators from lab agitators all the way to customized tank agitators. Volume range from 500ml to 1.5 million litres. Unlike conventional agitators, Visco Jet agitator scales up very well. You’ll need to try it to believe it.

Visco Jet is suitable for all ranges of viscosity from solvent, alcohols, and water to peanut butter, grease, and wall putty. The range of products that will be suitable is very wide. Contact us to find out more about your mixing your mixture.

This is a very common question that we’re asked. Conventional agitators have conditioned us to believe that faster is better. If it’s not mixing well, then let’s increase the RPM until the mixture mixes well. Visco Jet agitation technology is very different from conventional agitators, faster is not always better. Our specialist will advise the correct and suitable RPM for your mixing task.

Then we’ll like to pose a few questions for thought:

  • If Visco Jet is able to effectively mix the mixture at lower RPM, why run it at high RPM?
  • If a conventional agitator is running at such high RPM and using so much electrical energy, is it time to find a more energy-efficient agitator?

Yes, Visco Jet can handle Newtonian as well as various types of non-Newtonian Fluids.

Some non-Newtonian fluids may be thixotropic, rheopectic, dilatant, pseudoplastic, etc.

In most (not all) cases, Visco Jet agitator can be engineered to handle non-Newtonian mixtures. This is also an area that most conventional agitators will fail at.

No, ViscoJet Asia currently supplies its innovative agitator solutions exclusively to South East Asia. Our distribution network covers regions including Singapore, Malaysia, and India. For inquiries about availability in other regions, please contact our customer support.

At this time, ViscoJet Asia provides on-site installation support exclusively in South East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and India. For customers outside these regions, we offer remote assistance to ensure a smooth setup process. Contact our support team for guidance tailored to your location.