Agitators for the Manufacturing of Soap and Oil Products

Visco Jet® Agitators represent the pinnacle of mixing technology, meticulously crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of materials essential in the manufacturing of soap and oil-based products designed for household or personal care applications. These agitators are instrumental in ensuring the quality, consistency, and efficiency of production in these industries, where diverse product formulations demand precise blending.

Household Products

  • Laundry Detergent: Achieving uniform dispersion of cleaning agents and surfactants is paramount in laundry detergent production. Visco Jet® Agitators excel in this task, ensuring effective stain removal and overall cleaning performance.
  • Fabric Softener: In fabric softener manufacturing, our agitators ensure that softening agents and fragrances are uniformly distributed, resulting in soft and pleasantly scented laundry.
  • Floor Cleaner, Floor Disinfectant: Effective floor cleaning solutions rely on thorough mixing of cleaning agents and disinfectants. Visco Jet® Agitators facilitate the even distribution of these components for optimal cleaning and hygiene.
  • Surface Cleaner: Surface cleaners require precise mixing to guarantee the removal of dirt and germs. Our agitators contribute to the homogeneous blending of ingredients, ensuring surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Dish Washing Liquid / Paste: Achieving the right viscosity and uniform distribution of active ingredients is crucial in dishwashing product manufacturing. Visco Jet® Agitators guarantee consistent product quality and cleaning performance.
  • Drain Cleaning Agent: Properly blended drain cleaning agents are essential for efficient pipe maintenance. Our agitators ensure that these agents are mixed to perfection, facilitating clog removal.
  • Toilet Cleaner: In the production of toilet cleaners, Visco Jet® Agitators contribute to the uniform dispersion of cleaning agents and fragrances, resulting in effective and pleasantly scented products.

Personal Care Products

  • Hair Shampoo, Conditioner (Emulsion): Hair care products require precise emulsification of ingredients. Our agitators ensure that shampoo and conditioner formulations are uniformly blended for optimal hair care results.
  • Eye Serum: Eye serums demand gentle yet effective mixing to maintain their delicate properties. Visco Jet® Agitators guarantee the preservation of the serum’s effectiveness.
  • Facial Wash and Facial Scrub: Achieving the right texture and even distribution of exfoliants are essential in facial wash and scrub production. Our agitators contribute to product consistency and effectiveness.
  • Facial Moisturizer: In facial moisturizer manufacturing, precise mixing is key to maintaining the product’s desired texture and hydration properties. Visco Jet® Agitators ensure that these characteristics are consistently achieved.
  • Toothpaste (Cream) and Toothpaste (Gel with Bits): Toothpaste formulations require careful mixing. Our agitators handle both cream and gel with bits gently, preserving texture and ensuring even distribution of active ingredients.
  • Deodorant: Uniform blending of deodorant components is crucial for product effectiveness. Visco Jet® Agitators contribute to consistent deodorant quality.
  • Body Moisturizer, Cocoa Butter Moisturizer: Ensuring the right texture and even dispersion of moisturizing agents are vital in body moisturizer production. Our agitators guarantee the desired skin hydration.
  • Hand Cream, Foot Cream: Hand and foot creams require precise mixing to maintain their moisturizing properties. Visco Jet® Agitators ensure that these creams are uniformly blended for effective skin care.
  • Hair Removal Cream and Body Wax: These products demand meticulous mixing to achieve the desired consistency and texture. Our agitators facilitate the uniform distribution of ingredients, ensuring product performance.

These examples underscore the indispensable role of Visco Jet® Agitators in enhancing the manufacturing processes of soap and oil-based products for household or personal care. With our cutting-edge agitators, you can rely on unmatched mixing precision, resulting in superior product quality and production efficiency.

Soap and Oil Manufacturing

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