Viscosity Reference Table

Below table shows an extensive list of products and their relevant estimated viscosity. It’s meant to be rough guide.

The link in the table will direct you to the mixing / agitation video of the product. We will be progressively doing up more videos to show you the mixing effects of various products.

Alternatively you can visit our Visco Jet Asia YouTube channel.

You’ll be surprise to find out that Visco Jet is able mix most of the products listed.

Approximate Viscosity Unit Conversion
1 cSt = mPas = cPs

Common LiquidCentistoke (cst)Industrial type
Water @21°C1Food Products
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), 20%1Industrial Products
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), 30%1Industrial Products
Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA1.9Industrial Products
Milk2Dairy Products
Turpentine2Vegetable Oils
Blood or Kerosene10Industrial Products
Cresol Crystals10Industrial Products
Cream 30% Fat14Dairy Products
Anti-Freeze15Industrial Products
Vinegar, acetic acid 4%15Food Products
Ethylene18Glycol Products
Yeast Surry20Food Products
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), 40%20Industrial Products
Cotton Seed Oil24Vegetable Oils
Linseed Oil Raw29Vegetable Oils
Coconut Oil30Vegetable Oils
Cod Oil32Fish and Animal Oils
Diethylene32Glycol Products
Peanut Oil38Vegetable Oils
Olive Oil40Vegetable Oils
Triethylene40Glycol Products
Butter Fat42Dairy Products
Palm Oil43Vegetable Oils
Butter Deodorised45Dairy Products
Cream 45% Fat48Dairy Products
Latex Emulsion48Pharmaceuticals
Bone Oil48Fish and Animal Oils
Motor Oil (SAE 10)50Industrial Products
Cocoa Butter50Food Products
Lard Oil50Fish and Animal Oils
Propylene, ppe52Glycol Products
Cream 50% Fat55Dairy Products
Coconut Oil55Vegetable Oils
Sugar 70% water 30%60Food Products
Soya Bean Oil60Vegetable Oils
Lard62Fish and Animal Oils
Cotton Seed Oil62Vegetable Oils
Corn Oil65Food Products
Edible Oil65Food Products
Emulsion: oil in water75Food Products
Fruit Juice75Food Products
Condensed Milk80Dairy Products
Soap Solution82Pharmaceuticals
Orange Juice Concentrate91Food Products
Unfilled Rigid Urethane Resin100Industrial Products
Coffee Liquor 30-40%100Food Products
Gravy Slurry110Food Products
Cream 50% Fat112Dairy Products
Sulphonic Acid125Industrial Products
Whole Egg150Dairy Products
Yoghurt152Dairy Products
Motor Oil (SAE 30)175Industrial Products
Glycerine 100%176Industrial Products
Tomato Paste 30%195Food Products
Sorbitol200Food Products
Latex Emulsion200Pharmaceuticals
Motor Oil (SAE 40)300Industrial Products
Chinawood Oil300Vegetable Oils
Orange Juice Concentrate330Food Products
Pectin345Food Products
Brewers Yeast368Food Products
Broth Mix430Food Products
Sauce – Apple500Food Products
Castor Oil580Vegetable Oils
Citrus Fruit Pulp600Food Products
Soap Arylan630Pharmaceuticals
Glycerine 100%648Industrial Products
Printers Ink660Industrial Products
Hand Cream780Pharmaceuticals
Resin Solution975Industrial Products
Gelatine 37% Solids1,190Food Products
Mousse Mix1,200Food Products
Milk Whey 48% Sugar1,250Dairy Products
Baby Food1,400Food Products
Acetate Glue1,400Industrial Products
Carob Bean Sauce1,500Food Products
Custard1,500Food Products
Beet Sauce1,950Food Products
Condensed Milk 75% Solids2,160Dairy Products
Printers Ink2,200Industrial Products
Orange Juice Concentrate2,410Food Products
Honey or Corn Syrup2,500Food Products
Salad Cream2,600Food Products
Malt Extract3,000Food Products
Lacquer 25% Solids3,000Industrial Products
Polyester3,000Industrial Products
Paraffin Emulsion3,000Pharmaceuticals
Resin Solution7,140Industrial Products
Molasses7,500Food Products
Jam Garnish8,440Food Products
Glucose8,600Food Products
Malt Extract 80%9,500Food Products
Rice Pudding10,000Food Products
Soya Bean Slurry10,000Food Products
Polyisobutylene12,500Industrial Products
Chocolate Syrup17,500Food Products
Mayonnaise20,000Food Products
Pourable Silicone Rubber27,000Industrial Products
Plastisol28,000Industrial Products
Biscuit Cream Premix29,200Food Products
Batter29,500Food Products
Cottage Cheese30,000Dairy Products
Process Cheese30,000Dairy Products
Ketchup or Mustard60,000Food Products
Triacetate Dope60,000Industrial Products
Mincemeat100,000Food Products
Brushable Silicone Rubber125,000Industrial Products
Peanut Butter or Tomato Paste200,000Food Products
Polypropylene240,000Industrial Products
Chocolate Spread (DIY)250,000Food Products
Brushable Urethane Rubber250,000Industrial Products
Lard or Crisco Shortening1,500,000Food Products
Caulking Compound7,500,000Industrial Products
Clay putty100,000,000Industrial Products

Reference Chart